Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the wingspan of a butterfly

Since my allocated time on smithing stuffs has been severely cut for these past few days thanks to my real-life hecticness, at this oblique leisure time of mine I'd like to unshed some things about me in the near future as I see little to no harm in doing so :

  • I've been entrusted as an in-house writer on Heavenly Stardust - a blog managed by my fellow writer under the pseudonym 'requiem' which encompasses a wide range of reviews and contemplative musings. Expect me to submit my first content there sometime soon though, as several real-life stuffs were still clinging firmly on the pinnacle of my priority list as of now.
  • ask.fm is one site which I primordially being skeptical about it being beneficial, which turning out slowly into a powerful site to fulfill my long-deserted writing passion days later. Here's mine, in case you have something that boggles your mind regarding me - it's always a pleasure for me to give a pleasant answer, had the question(s) given lies within a positive marvel. As for now my 'Questions' time is laden with philosophical questions thrown by anonymous asker(s), though - a fast reply is something I can't guarantee for the time being.
  • There's a high chance that I'll drop a ten-minutes long surprise to everyone's unwariness on this weekend's Open House Unit event, as I'm going to live-perform something using an unorthodox instrument called l... Ah, never mind - had I spoil out even a slightest hint here it the reprise will no longer yield a shocking factor, no?
  • And finally, for the past three days I've been actively contributing to an ever-glowing squad of enchanting butterflies - Actias Arkamaya. Follow our trailing light of wonders and one shall be ensued with positive mirth.

Another worth-noting point that I'd like to deploy here is I'm currently suffering from a (severe) social exhaustion. The fact that introverts got their energy drained by continuous social interaction(s) is a widespread, however - although it may not observable at the surface at first - my introversion level went as high as ~95%.

Sweet dreams (:


a beacon of million ansi-lumens
being fluorescent atop of the butterfly's charming flow

glimpse your heart at the dazzling skies
and we shall aglow


Sunday, August 3, 2014


Love : a solemn word en-coated with liquid ironclad lines - an ordainer oracle within a human's heart. Relieving, yet often sacrosanct. Handle it with care, won't you please?


The grandeur of vector art was actually something I'm trying to grasp upon my early teenage era, yet my bezier honings didn't satisfy me much as my Photoshop expertise - a proverbial point which stays true until this very moment. What happened with this experiment, though, omitted a very contradictory result to what my rational thoughts expected previously.

Below picture is my attempt on further furnishing the already pleasure-laden vector result, which - as you might've predicted - resulted in my displeasure. I decided to attach it here anyway as it's actually not so disastrous - some might enjoy the softer, fuzzier pinkish embrace radiated by the image below.

Oh, and doing this is like recollecting memories of a long-forgotten love, to be frank (I'll let people speculate whether there's a special person I'm dedicating this vector to or not here). In the meantime, free to use this sprite of mine elsewhere - credit is not mandatory but paramountly appreciated.

Sweet dreams (:

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Being able to embrace silence is a lovely godsend bestow.

Universe's ambience has been a loyal company long forgotten, silently morphing into a relic of our journey. Amidst the faint radiance striving from afar lies what has been imminently kept for uncounted millenias in the void.

On the other distant behalf of the universe, though, lies what known to us as 'humans'.

Our divine beings perhaps are too incorporeal for them to unravel, but here's one thing both of us understands - we and humans overlap each other in its practice. An overhanging part is what us are to their perception, and it's such a special honor for us to be treated that way.

Some of them, though, perceives you as a bounding frame instead of an important arpeggio of the universe's sacred sonata. Sorrow and mourn is a common trait which heaps to their web of thoughts upon the calling of your name - a true elocutionary opposite of how I've been welcomed so far.

Peel deep inside the heart of the universe and you'll find our great safeguard. A secret which stands firm along with the creation of the universe - struggling hard to keep the cosmos on its destined path. A masterplan that has been foretold and well-hid by the ancient beings - let's just consider this sophisticated grand scheme as 'entropy'.

See, the universe doesn't work that way. The supernatural enigma you possess soon will entrain people to your side. For humans and all living beings escaping this fate is futile. For every creation there's destruction. For every sweet dream there's nightmare. Even the brightest stars will soon perish into black dwarfs, leading this once-stelliferous universe to its inescapable asphyxial demise.

Fear of your presence is only for the ones who cast me aside in their blackest oblivion at some point and being unfortunate of my aides.

~ your lifelong partner, L

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Heavily-Introverted Person, a Notepad, and a World of Thoughts to Drill In

First and foremost, a forewarn to all that this contains wall of text. A lovely one, though - feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy my avant-garde approach to this once-mainstream tagging fest.


Tagged by Bima Saddha Prabawa

'Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to write a note with 20
random things, facts, habits or goals about you, at the end choose 10 to be tagged. You've to tag the person who tagged you.', the inscription says.

Should I follow this instruction to its exact demand, anyway? My heart says not. Instead, let me post my visions that I gathered after years of self-researches within - my thoughts and facts of life, my destination-truth journeys, and my unraveled perceiving about the how the universe and one's mind connects. All has led to a conclusion that I stand true : the most beautiful realm possible lies within the depth of your mind.


1) Heavily influenced by http://revolverwinds.deviantart.com/'s majestic, highly-philosophical writing style - 'Your Suicide Letter Had Spelling Errors' is the one I admire the most, no doubt. Ascending self into such level of excellency in this ever-grande literary world may took more than a lifetime...

2) Loves to delve into the world of thoughts and finding inner peace within myself at midnight... Say, psychology is interesting but philosophy is its perfect compliment.

3) As a result of the above, I envision my life as a responsible hedonist. That means - quoting from a very excellent article on elephantjournal - 'creating a pleasurable existence for all—including yourself—and doing what it takes to have that happen'. Is it self-explanatory enough, I wonder?

4) Regarding point #3 above, I often push this very self too hard to achieve this happiness (sacrificing a lot amount of my personal money, even). The grand reward - which is seeing others happy - really pays off in the end, anyway.

5) Also regarding point #3, although I described myself as a kind-of-hedonist I still enjoy the song 'Silent Spica - Anhedonia' (www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkbCgtEVe-0) a lot. Well, I never really cared about a song's title, to be honest - Anhedonia's just a good song being good.

6) Archetype is also another field in psychology that I enjoyed researching myself into - and the archetype I'm atrributed into is the Magician archetype (http://susannabarlow.com/on-archetypes/understanding-the-magician-archetype/). Sometimes I feel like driving myself under the Creator archetype, but the Magician archetype's motto - 'I make things (magic) happen(s)' - fits the most with my point of view about this life.

7) Even before knowing about archetypes, I've been using the term 'magic happens' often in my real life when I was being asked 'How?'. I guess it's futile to resist this own natural call, anyway...

8) One who processes music with left brain, thanks to years of my intense breakcore, IDM, and (mostly) drum'n'bass auditory diet. (Still inferior on processing melodies, though)

9) Heavily introverted - a test on me earlier indicates my introversion level goes as high as 95%. I am currently greatly suffering from a condition called as the 'people exhaustion', which degenerates  into the 'ESFP's Dark Side' (http://www.teamtechnology.co.uk/personality/types/intj/stress/ for more details)

10) Regarding point #10 above, I'm not the one who really enjoys hanging out or gathering around (I MUCH prefer recharging self on my room, working on something magical with my laptop or rather spending time alone on my 'haven' [read : Arcades with a lot of rhythm games]). That's what I need the most, really - feel free to read this excellent article (http://www.backtobusiness.org/introvertedleader.pdf) which greatly fits my solitary, yet often-forefront personality.

11) VERY often considered that (I'm) much older than what I currently am. There's this point of my life (three years ago, approximately) where I was perceived as a 'female second-year college student, majoring in English literature'.

12) Without any doubt, creating a LINE account is a thing I regret the most at this point of my life. It made me somehow paranoid with not knowing the latest issue(s) and diminishes my productivity a LOT. I planned on uninstalling it but - well, it seems like people are greatly attached to it nowadays as their primary information sharing scene and it's impossible for me to escape this fiendlike cluster due to this (at least for the time being)

13) Was, at one point on my college life so far, underwent a nomadic life of four exhausting-yet-meaningful days with very minimal time spent on my current residence. This is due to my business and hectic schedule back then, which requires my persistence in various places (ranging from Dago Asri, which is located in Bandung's far north, to Taman Holis, which is located in Bandung's far south). I learned and enjoyed a lot of new things during this nomadic phase, though.

14) Regarding point #13 above, I took shelter in four different places during my pseudo-hermitic outdoor life back then. I have to thank a lot of my internet friends for making this possible and letting me conjure awesome stuffs throughout many places on this one, though!

15) I often foresaw that we're currently living in a world which demands that being only perfect is not enough. The grand puzzle is simple yet intricating - how could one reach out to that very pinnacle?

16) One who pays interest in oneironautism, as you might have known already - succeeded several times on lucid dreaming and out-of-body-experience inducing throughout this year, even. One interesting thing is I began to experience multiple pavor nocturnuses soon enough after I did a research on this, and - yes, I know this might sound crazy - I see pavor nocturnus as a fun-yet-interesting experience that one should try to induce sometimes. (Caution : Highly recommended for one to understand what pavor nocturnus is at first before delving further - side effects from violating this suggestion could cause a disrupting mayhem)

17) Suffers (or blessed?) from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) - a somewhat common sleep disorder in which many people wrongly perceives as insomnia. Midnight is the time where I can find absolute light - which, in the synergy with point #2 above, lies beneath own's very labyrinth of thought.

18) My current profile picture is actually my current desktop background (http://i.cubeupload.com/tnNnfx.png), in which I designed for reason no other than productivity. Yes, you're seeing it right - no icons, hidden taskbar, nothing but pure love. Say, I love the shape heart, but - contrary to all my deeply philosophical sayings in the earlier points - it has no meaning, really. It just worked beautifully.

19) It took me more than a week to gradually compile and actually finish this note. The result is far beyond satisfying, anyway!

20) Writing this actually helps reducing my stress level. A lot.


...well, actually I never intended to tag anyone. I never claimed that what I said is the most true, or standing firm without flaw - it's just a guiding, shining beacon that I personally have been following since a routine internal psyclash recurred within my solitude.


In case you're wondering : Yes, the rambling above is my most recent writing (which I posted back then on my Facebook, under Bima Saddha Prabawa - a friend of mine - 's 'challenge'. The outcome was incredibly satisfying, therefore I decided to port the text here for wider audience to read about my then-unrevealed side (:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Genshiken ITB 2013 : A Year of Togetherness

Click here to view the image in full-size (3200px * 1200px)!
Oh, hi there, blog. We meet again...

First and foremost, a short disclaimer : I made two writings regarding the picture above, actually - one being written in Indonesian (which was posted in our internal Facebook group and mostly tells about our near, hopefully-bright distant future) and the other one which is being written in English (which may look similar at first to the Indonesian version, but leads to a completely different path afterwards)

Nevertheless, both text are a reflection and a recollection of what we (me and my fellow Genshiken ITB 2013 members) have done throughout the past year. Happy reading!


Indonesian Version

Semua ini berawal dari suatu stand yang berdiri kokoh di acara Open House Unit tahun lalu. Masih segar dalam ingatan rasanya bagaimana stand kecil berspanduk 'Genshiken : Kelompok Studi Budaya Visual Modern' tersebut menarik animo banyak pengunjung, lengkap dengan Danbo, cosplay Ronald McDonald, Live Drawing, Fansub...

Ya, segalanya seolah baru terjadi kemarin. Tak terasa, sampailah kita sampai di titik ini - titik di mana semuanya berulang dari awal mula. Tidak, bukan berarti segalanya akan kembali sama - kali ini, kita semua akan berada pada sisi layar yang berbeda. Kita tidak lagi akan menjadi penonton belaka - kita semua akan menjadi pelakon langsung.

Siapa sangka, stand tersebut merupakan awal dari lahirnya suatu angkatan supersolid yang kerap melahirkan karya-karya akbar? Siapa sangka, 122 talenta berbakat bidang visual modern - suatu jumlah yang sangat masif - dapat terjaring melalui stand kecil tersebut? Saya rasa tidak ada yang menyangka, pada awalnya.

Waktu berlalu, generasi pun berganti. Saatnya kini Genshiken ITB menghadapi tantangan baru dengan anggota-anggota baru pula, yang nantinya akan meneruskan legasi Genshiken ITB dan membawa semangat positif di dunia visual modern. Sebuah kehormatan bagi Genshiken ITB angkatan 2013 untuk memegang tonggak regenerasi melalui acara OHU yang akan dihelat tahun ini, yang - bersama GST tentunya - saya harap akan spektakuler dan menelurkan kader-kader bertalenta lainnya.


Ya, setelah melampaui dua semester bersama rekan-rekan Genshiken, saya membuat kolase-kolase foto ini untuk menapaktilasi kenangan-kenangan tak terlupakan yang telah terukir setahun belakangan. Seluruh foto di kolase ini disusun secara kronologis - nikmatilah, bernostalgialah, karena semua ini merupakan buah kesuksesan dari perjuangan kita bersama selama setahun belakangan.
Akhir kata, semoga aura kesuksesan menyelimuti acara OHU (dan GST) tahun ini, demi Genshiken ITB yang lebih baik~


Bandung, 23 Mei 2014 - 01:37 AM


English Version

I made that picture above amidst my inability to sleep last night. It's something that I always wanted to do for days, though - well, let's just say I was lucky not to be driven into procrastination last night. They say midnight is the best time for inspiration(s) to come, and yeah - it has been proven very true for me.

Speaking aside, this text is actually something I always wanted to do as well - it's just (for me, at least) dragging my former self to open this site is much, MUCH harder than letting myself toy around with Photoshop. The urge to write this just kept fluctuating frequently...

This text is a pseudo-reflection that tells a lore that me and my friends' crafted through a year in Genshiken ITB - in my personal point of view, needless to say. First and foremost, I'd like to tell that (without any disregard to all of the senior Genshiken ITB members) this text only focuses to the journey of the Genshiken ITB 2013 members (as it's the main point of the picture above)

Err, okay - let's just move on to the main text, shall we?


Sometime around the third quarter of 2013, at the Open House Unit event:

Can't remember the day, I should say. It's possible for me to backtrack when it all was started, yes, but that that's not my main concern.

A stand with a giant live drawing board (and a catchy bear doll, if anyone remembers) stood solid at the very edge of the exhibition area. Someone I didn't know was roaming around the area while cosplaying as Ronald McDonald, perhaps trying to be an eye-catcher. A television was also there, playing numerous fansubs and live performances. Oh, and let's not forget the Danbo too! Ah, the memories back then...

...haha, yes, that's how Genshiken ITB went at last year's OHU. Chaotic, yet fun and catchy. I can sense many people were attracted there due to Genshiken ITB's reference to Japan's modern culture (anime, ani-songs, etc) which was exhibited back then, although frankly speaking that's not why I decided to join this unit back then. As you may know, I'm not really into animes or mangas and I don't really listen to anime-related songs either (these two earlier posts of mine should tell already that my musical preference is basically ambients, drum'n'basses, and any catchy songs which provides non-linear bass drops or atmospheric feeling from around the world no matter what language). I'm not an illustrator, either - my drawing is terrible. What drew me upon joining this unit, then?

wip ...let this one left abandoned between the shades of mystery - I don't think I'll going to finish this writing soon (:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Aftermath of the osu! Indonesia Stand in GenCarnival (Do You Believe in Second Chance?)

 This tale tells about a misfortune and a wasted chance; and about how a reversal of fortune could appear in split-second. Beware : this might be considered depressive and mind-blowing.

...still here? Well, don't say you haven't been warned. Back then on sometime around 2009 or 2010, Hakeru and some others (me included) once planned to establish an osu! Indonesia stand on a festival somewhere. This was made into realization (in Medan) by Sumatran through this thread, however due to the lack of Medan-based players at that time, there were no further news about this event (as far as I concerned).

We almost consider that this will be made impossible, but then - four years after, this message changed everything.

...frankly speaking, I'm a member of Genshiken ITB (the organization behind GenCarnival) itself, so let me describe what is GenCarnival itself : It's a creative exhibition. No, it's not a Japanese-themed event (although the influence of Japanese culture is strong on this one, undoubtedly) - the focus of this event is toward the creative industry itself. If you're looking at the collaborators' list, you'll see such as our fellow FaceArt! and MOREBEgames (which isn't related to Japanese culture, to say for a rebuttal example). And yes - I'm taking a role as a double agent somewhat here (as a GenCarnival official and a collaborator through osu! Indonesia)

Fast-forwarding to the D-Day, we got Falkcrown ready as our delegation since 07:00 local time. What happened sequentially in detail after isn't that important, though - this is never intended as a field report as I usually do. What I wanted to describe here is the big picture - the despair and the wrong turn of events.

Later sometime around 09:00, the electricity for the venue went down. We were reported that 'everything's gonna be fine at around 13:00', but as time passes by, everything turned out not to be fine. Emergency electricity was brought up, but is prioritized for the main stage - for the stands itself, electricity was back in around 15:30 or so. Even so, the commander-in-charge of the event only allowed our osu! Indonesia stand to utilize two laptops - had we utilize a power higher than that (for the TV and the speaker that we brought, for example), the electricity will come back down, thus risks the event's safety even further.

I can't help but saying what I (and we feel here) : utter disappointment. We carefully chose GenCarnival not only because we had a connection there (I'm not the only osu! player in that organization - say, - Rii - is actually my senior on that organization albeit being a very passive member) but also because it's a creative exhibition. Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that osu! is much more than a game - it's a media to express art. Many people has proven that true - inverness, Saturnalize, and myself as well to say some (check http://twitter.com/Nivalyx/status/320405785056264192 for proof, I'm sorry but I can't help not to promote my creation here)

Within this boundary we belong to, practically our stand is not possible to exhibit things anymore - the only thing we can do is to play. Yes, showing off one's playing skills with any available laptop, basically. If it's just a regular gathering like we did many times previously, this can be considered as a good thing, but no - in this case it isn't. It's a nightmare.

Why is it so? Because if all we want to do is playing, we don't need to spend our money to rent a stand like this - we could just go to someone's house, put that HDMI cable on that person's own television, and voila - magic happens. Well, it's not the kind of sorcery we want to conjure throughout this event. People are expecting us to show osu!'s creative side, as our forum thread of this event prevail upon. And, oh, let's not forget the arch-nemesis of an outdoor event, which is this:

Heavy rain! (Photo courtesy of Gatya P.)

...well, okay, ignore the rain - we (GenCarnival officials) had predicted it previously and anticipated with a back-up plan, which worked out. However, without us (osu! Indonesia collaborators) being unable to do what people expected us supposed to do, this event feels hollow. Really hollow. Especially for me myself - the disappointment and self-burden of disappointing many people here (not only osu! Indonesia members or other GenCarnival officials), but to many regular visitors out there as well.

Now here comes another interesting part : who is to blame for this all? I've explained it here, but I don't think it'll hurt if I rephrase it in English:

Later it's revealed that the one responsible for cabling and stuffs (not a GenCarnival official in any way, someone outside Genshiken ITB that we ask to take care of it) put an important cable roll into a wrong plug, thus melting the cable. The entire electricity (even in ITB's College Centre) went down for some time because of it, and although the issue may seem small, the inflicted cost (for the cable itself) - believe it or not - reaches Rp5.000.000,-
When the electricity got back up, the power is insufficient for all stand and the main stage (obviously) being prioritized. This is an interesting case of the butterfly effect, in which 'something small in the past may play a huge role in affecting the future'.

Nah, it's not good to blame anyone in this case, in my opinion. We did our best, and so did the officials. A classic miscommunication-and-misfortune issue also took part on this though, and I see it's not wise to fully blame the logistics or the one that misplugged the cable. Concerning this, the head of this event has spoken an apology to us (through me) personally. Speaking aside the sorrows, had we stick to our original plan, this is what we'll going to show up to the public:

  • Indonesian Mappers' Slider Art Compendium - Practically this is the only thing we exhibited there, as this is a physical book and doesn't require electricity. It's a concept book containing slider arts from various Indonesian mappers (right now the contributors are only me, WVS, and Saturnalize but it'll be expanding in the future - its status is still a concept book, though). Here's a shot at the compendium:

    It's never meant to be published in a mass to take profit (why would I take profit from a game which isn't created by me and free-to-play for everyone though? It's just very wrong in my opinion) - I arranged the production of this, and I know by myself that this is kind of costly. In the future, we plan to convert this as a constantly-updated .pdf file in which everyone is free to read, with more contributors as well.
  • Live Mapping - Mapping is an art, no doubt. In GenCarnival we planned to map this song, an original composed by me and my fellow Genshiken ITB member who goes with the nickname ntLKM. A more-polished version of the song (with cleaner and more diverse instrument samples) were planned, but we're lacking out of time on this.
  • Slider Art Tutorial - Self-explanatory.
  • Map (Storyboard) Showcase - as inverness himself emerges from his hideout that very moment, we agreed to showcase one of his many storyboards (Open Window, most likely) with the newly integrated Cinema mod once the electricity comes in place. Well, by now you should be able to guess what happened.
  • IMMA Video - At this point this is less-known to public, but apparently 10nya and Saturnalize had made a tutorial video about the fundamentals of mapping/timing as part of the IMMA (Indonesia Mapping & Modding Academy) project recently. I've downloaded the video and gotten the permission to play it during this event, but too bad the electricity issue kicks in.
  • Talk Show (Sharing) Session - A big success comes to us on this one, actually. Aside from sharing about osu!'s huge potential and its charming creative side, there is something about the next osu! Indonesia Tournament that we spoiled out there. It's not worth to share again what did we spoil here though, as it'll eliminate the surprise factor by miles (the user Susilo Sakata managed to record our conversation with the master of ceremony, though - a footage of this may or may not be uploaded soon)
...well, yeah. Nothing else left to share here but the gloomy feeling, really...




...and the joy of having a foreseeable bright future in our grasp.

As declared by opening sentence, this tale tells about a reversal of fortune. It's not important to understand how it works - it's more important to know that it could happen in a split second.

The time's around 18:00. Within the coldness of the night, the sound of the officials' preparing the second talk show session crawled over the night's tranquil ambiance. Then again, both of Kaegi and Itasha Indonesia's delegation were already ready - as for us, we still have Shurelia missing from the backstage. A huge panic struck us, and while some of our members were in the quest of searching him, rzkadi poked me in sudden whilst delivering an important message:

'Niva, someone over there is looking for you - he said he's looking for osu! Indonesia's contact person number'

Astonished with this news, I ran to the person in particular like never before. It turned out that he is a delegation from Telkom University (Shurelia's university, if you're wondering) who is wandering around GenCarnival in search of probable stands for their upcoming Nihon no Matsuri 7 event. Some negotiations later, and magic happens.

For international audiences, this is the (free) translation of the text above:

Good evening
I'm Aji from Nihon no Matsuri 7, Telkom University's Japanese festival. I want to offer the osu! Indonesia community to participate in our event by opening a stand. If interested, please contact us back
Thanks in advance

And as it's not enough, all of the osu! players I discussed this with there says 'let's do it!' in sudden, and guess what - we had the rent fee (Rp200.000,-) on our hand already.

...yeah, I can't believe it as well. This 'disaster' is indeed a key for us to advance forward - a key for us to penetrate further to the blooming field of brilliance. With osu! Indonesia now has been on the scout's list to fill the empty stands throughout festivals and more, we'll try our best to deliver the very best of osu! upon the fruition of this masterplan. And yes, in the end, it's a honor for us all!

Ah, this miraculous stuff.

Then again, do you believe in second chance, after all? We do.



Yet again, even until now, I don't understand the mystery behind how fate works.

Frankly speaking, if I see things from a completely different perspective, I'd be extremely pleased myself. What bewitched me the most is probably the saga of Lightning Wyvern and AllRiseSilver throughout the event - these two has been together for a while but never met each other before GenCarnival. Classic long-distance-relationship story, I know.

Some of you may question me right now : Why is this very important to me personally? Well, the answer is seeing this couple having fun around the event made me happy. I got that feeling at least that 'the Rp250.000,- that we spend here isn't completely useless, in the end'. Combined with the main essay above, I think it's just natural that seeing people happy you're having an emotional bond with could bring bliss as well, and disappointing people you're having an emotional bond with could also made you disappointed. In my case here, I personally think the bond I'm having here is with the community itself in general (as one of the person who has been taking care of osu!'s progression in Indonesia since 2009), not only to these two specific person.

Then again, let's not forget this fabulous moment where Shurelia was interviewed by the host herself:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Indulging Into Wonderful Tunes! - February 2014

Over this past month I've been continuing my search for otherworldly stand-out tunes, and yes - I should say I'm really happy with my findings this month. Without further ado, here you go - magical tunes within the line-up of six, which hopefully can bring you into an another dimension of music!


-> Yogitea – Ecume et vague de l'âme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxXFTTrJXFA)

I will start on with a song that I thought deserves to be in the limelight the most - although all six tunes here are all extraordinary already, in my humble opinion.

The story behind this song itself is interesting, though. I'm actually already aware of this song for quite some while, but my mind has only been awakened since I watched this video recently - it appears that these three songs share the same sample (Fuushun is neatly arranged though, I almost wanted to put it here). After further research, however, I was stunned with what I find.

I have to admit that my ears feel some offset changes on the opening parts (some string picks and flute blows aren't that synchronous on the opening), however 6/8 delicacy that the song delivers really shines on 04:02, while the mellow piano blends in with the shimmering sea sounds. Oh, and - finally, this is the album where this song belongs to. I don't know much about the composer (Yogitea) or the 'Terra Humana' mentioned, though ._.

And, no, I don't come into this because of Fuushun, by the way :D


-> Strife II - My Year In The Rain (Stripped) (https://soundcloud.com/strifeii/my-year-in-the-rain-stripped)

This song also has an interesting story behind it. It is a liquid drum'n'bass song at first, however the composer itself hasn't released this mind-expanding version until recently. Really - this ambiental (the composer took down most of the percussion sounds from the liquid version in this) masterpiece is mind-expanding. It appears that he is also an prolific ambient composer as well, though - here's a link to his other ambiental work, which contains one of the best quotes I've ever seen personally:

doing fine, thank you, I would say, never knowing how to talk about what I do. If I could talk about it, I would not have to do it. I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.

Ah, ambient (and its relatives). It's great to see how you never cease to create miracles. For furher reference, this composer had created Protaras, another great flowing piano tune which he also converted into a liquid drum'n'bass tune previously. And yes - this is is one rare moment when I talk to myself often 'why didn't I found this composer earlier', to be honest.


-> Fanny Fink - Snowdrop (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a5WcXBq6YY)

Wonderful music knows no barriers. Touching lyrics are a plus, but I myself believe that most of the time deep lyrics were just spices - the main ingredient is the composition itself. There are songs that - although I don't know and not really willing to look up what the lyric really means - had touched me through its subtle and heart-melting composition. And by this tune, Fanny Fink - an indie band from South Korea - has proven to me that.

The song itself is a lovely, calm electronic chill music embraced with Myoi (the vocalist's) subtle vocals. What I loved from the song the most, however, is how it really captured a romantic winter atmosphere (although I personally had never experienced a winter throughout my life) - and, most importantly, the quiet-yet-fascinating demisemiquaver percussions and samples which is spread throughout the song. It's just brilliant.


-> Shirfine - Raindrops on Your Face (http://soundcloud.com/shirfine/raindrops-on-your-face)

...yes, I know, Ecume et vague de l'âme has a playful melody already, but I see no harm in adding another cheerful tune - so, yeah, here you go!

Shirfine herself is another composer which I've known for a while actually - an extremely talented new age artist she is, no doubt from me. But it is the (very) recent sightings on her returning on her SoundCloud which turns my attention to this composer - once more, with a lovely electronic new age tune. Executed well in Shirfine-style, of course.

I experienced a nostalgic sensation while listening to this with Shirfine's earlier work, Every Piece of Love and Misery. Yes, an excellent work that was - however, this tune's magic really happens when the electronic violin sample kicks in around 2:46, which reminded me of the (arguably) best tune on the album - Heroine in a Tragedy. It's just good that I don't feel like Shirfine's redoing something similar on the said song in this tune - it's just like Shirfine's trying to progress with something new, without leaving her very solid root behind.


 -> S2Noise - Calcite (Original Mix) (http://soundcloud.com/s2noise/calcite)

Moving to the energetic, uplifting side here! ...well, I don't know much about this composer to be honest (the SoundCloud followers and the Facebook likes count of him isn't that much either), however when I discovered him he made me elicit a smile while streaming his songs - he often remixes/uses sample from popular Western songs (including this one - reward yourself more if you figured out from what song it is, though :D)

I have no idea why the song is named after a mineral (probably due to its Minecraft reference), but the sample comes from a 75 BPM song - and the composer speeds it up a bit, chopped it, and mixed into this tune in a wonderful fashion. Oh, and with the accompaniment of catchy dance beats too.


 -> LunaticSounds - My love would be unchanged forever (https://soundcloud.com/lunaticsounds/my-love-would-be-unchanged)

...what a wonderful title to end a wonderful playlist, isn't it? (:

Well, the song is a wonderful one as well. The beginning 25 seconds is very Otokaze-ish, which isn't a bad thing actually - especially after LunaticSounds' trademark violin kicks in on 0:48. What's more, five seconds later, a deep bass pattern comes in and gives that chilling, fascinating mellowness! What else could be better?

The answer comes on 1:57 afterwards, after the bridge - it's when the full percussion comes in a broken beat pattern, and the ticking clock sound sample flows in with grace. I can REALLY feel that this song is made by heart, to express a special feeling - resulting in a very deep song without the need of any lyrics. Oh, well, LunaticSounds him (her?)self has created many touching song in his career (Legend, for example) - but this one is really special and different, trust me.

PS : Yes, I know a stand-out song from Otokaze - I'll post it in another playlist sometime else (next month perhaps?), so wait for it!

...for now, I hope you all enjoyed this set!

- Nivalyx

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Genshiken Story

Hello there!

Just a quick note though that I'm currently also actively working on and developing Genshiken ITB :: Story's blog - feel free to drop a visit there! In the blog resides our member's works and such - I'll post my original story there sometimes too though, perhaps (:

I'll leave this short post with another great song I found, which is emancipator - ares - there are many great song coming from this composer though, feel free to check around the Bandcamp site!

Have a nice day!~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

i was bored

'i was bored'

...so I heard
you liked diamond?

on a neverland
lies a diamond.

 lonely and exiled,
it searches for a freehand
wandering all around.

then comes another diamond;
they two bonded,
altogether be solid.

'o, diamonds!' spoke the hybrid.
'come forth, carbon of sacred!'
'arise and united, we should!'

thus, the call broke the ground--
even went through underworld!

in sudden diamonds march around,
surrounding the primordial diamond.
...and, o! they be united!

a gigant structure, diamond-based
had finally shone and stood
remarkably under the cloud.

however, one last time - the diamond asked;
'...so I heard you liked diamond?'
'you do? too bad-'
'we are inhabitants of neverland;'
'to be exist, we're not destined.'

- Nivalyx


The poet above is a slightly altered version of a poet I made around back then on my college when I was bored, really (:

You can see the original writing here!

Decided to post it here after lying around on my PC for some time, hope you liked it~

Friday, January 17, 2014

Indulging Into Wonderful Tunes! - January 2014


I'm still enjoying my holiday for now, nevertheless there's one thing that I always wanted to do in these past few weeks - sharing musics from around the world that I found interesting, through days of hunting here and there~ Some of the artists that I included here may be quite obscure, but finding hidden gems that scattered through the internet is a pleasure by it's own, for sure!

Hope you all enjoy this set, though!

-> Vanguard Sound - Awaken (http://soundcloud.com/vanguard_sound/awaken)

Treating a song's main vocals, especially the artificial ones, as 'an instrument by itself somehow' is quite an uncommon technique (in this case, a background synth-like voice) and I rarely saw technique outside the Shoegaze world, personally. Although previously the more popular An through Xhroria (www.youtube.com/watch?v=onPcvh6G1SM) more or less brought the same atmosphere to a track, I found this track brought more bliss when heard due to its angelic buildup section~

This track was used as a set opener at an event previously, and I thought it would be a perfect true as well on this list.

-> The Queenstons - PROW13 (http://lapfox.bandcamp.com/track/prow13)

As someone who has been famliar with Renard's song for years, I found myself stunned while hearing this newest single-track album from this Canadian electronic maestro. Get ready for an incredible firework while the elegant drum'n'bass + synth combination kicks in on 1:46, and again with even more dramatic harmony on 3:14!

-> Luna Safari - Loving Rain (http://soundcloud.com/luna_safari/loving-rain)

Moving to the more ambient side of music here, Luna Safari brings you a melodious chillout, electronic new age-ish music which portrays a romantic atmosphere amidst the rain~ There's a vocal version to this song available as well (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPqcrv4AxZg), but still, I myself prefer the instrumental rendition as I can hear the song's rich sound samples more clearly - reminds me of onoken's ambient songs from his Blue Orb album, personally (:

-> pla remixed by 8 to 7 - MIGRATORY BIRDS (http://soundcloud.com/8_to_7/migratory-birds-pla-remixed-by)

This is a song which I've been using to accompany my sleep in the past few days, actually - labeled under the 'Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass' genre, expect a calming, more-downtempo DnB song which will make your mind wander around contemplatively. A beautiful 164 BPM song - albeit some might found it repetitive, the song still gives a transcendental experience more than most (if not all) other Atmospheric DnB/Jungle song. Truly an enlightening experience.

-> Brian Eno - By This River (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZYP8SzlN8)

Warping back in time to 1977! Oh, Brian Eno, you're such a father for the Ambient genre and all of its derivatives. I know Brian Eno previously from his ambiental masterpiece 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' (www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9kPIp4MtX0‎), but it was this song which captivated me the most - and I regret for not discovering it until recently. As you might have figured, the ambient influence is quite strong on this one - beautiful flowing piano melody combined with deep sad lyrics, definitely a wonderful one~

-> hania - Days Ahead (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/434943)

I shall finish this list with another wonderful track I found while browsing newgrounds a while ago~ 'Days Ahead' is another sad track primarily consisting of piano and violin melodies, with a handy touch of electronic beats - I personally loved the depressive atmosphere this song builds, but alongside that I also found that this is also a good song to accompany myself while working on stuffs (:

...as I've been determining to re-utilize my blog (as I've stated previously), I might do this again regularly in the future... But for now, yet again I have to say I hope you all enjoy these wonderful songs!

- Nivalyx


Hello there!

I finally decided to re-utilize this blog after two years (it will be revamped soon, yes, don't worry) - and I'm happy to share one of my original creation as my comeback post!

Well, recently I've been playing around with pxtone (www.cavestory.org/othergames_pxtone.php), a simple yet powerful music composing software - although this creation is far from perfect and still using mostly program-embedded sound samples, I'm still having much fun composing this :D


PS : I'm still wondering what to do to my older posts, though... Feel free to read ofc, but orz ._.

PS : Currently my blog's template is heavily taken from this blog, which I also develop together with my friends - feel free to read, as usual!~