Thursday, May 22, 2014

Genshiken ITB 2013 : A Year of Togetherness

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Oh, hi there, blog. We meet again...

First and foremost, a short disclaimer : I made two writings regarding the picture above, actually - one being written in Indonesian (which was posted in our internal Facebook group and mostly tells about our near, hopefully-bright distant future) and the other one which is being written in English (which may look similar at first to the Indonesian version, but leads to a completely different path afterwards)

Nevertheless, both text are a reflection and a recollection of what we (me and my fellow Genshiken ITB 2013 members) have done throughout the past year. Happy reading!


Indonesian Version

Semua ini berawal dari suatu stand yang berdiri kokoh di acara Open House Unit tahun lalu. Masih segar dalam ingatan rasanya bagaimana stand kecil berspanduk 'Genshiken : Kelompok Studi Budaya Visual Modern' tersebut menarik animo banyak pengunjung, lengkap dengan Danbo, cosplay Ronald McDonald, Live Drawing, Fansub...

Ya, segalanya seolah baru terjadi kemarin. Tak terasa, sampailah kita sampai di titik ini - titik di mana semuanya berulang dari awal mula. Tidak, bukan berarti segalanya akan kembali sama - kali ini, kita semua akan berada pada sisi layar yang berbeda. Kita tidak lagi akan menjadi penonton belaka - kita semua akan menjadi pelakon langsung.

Siapa sangka, stand tersebut merupakan awal dari lahirnya suatu angkatan supersolid yang kerap melahirkan karya-karya akbar? Siapa sangka, 122 talenta berbakat bidang visual modern - suatu jumlah yang sangat masif - dapat terjaring melalui stand kecil tersebut? Saya rasa tidak ada yang menyangka, pada awalnya.

Waktu berlalu, generasi pun berganti. Saatnya kini Genshiken ITB menghadapi tantangan baru dengan anggota-anggota baru pula, yang nantinya akan meneruskan legasi Genshiken ITB dan membawa semangat positif di dunia visual modern. Sebuah kehormatan bagi Genshiken ITB angkatan 2013 untuk memegang tonggak regenerasi melalui acara OHU yang akan dihelat tahun ini, yang - bersama GST tentunya - saya harap akan spektakuler dan menelurkan kader-kader bertalenta lainnya.


Ya, setelah melampaui dua semester bersama rekan-rekan Genshiken, saya membuat kolase-kolase foto ini untuk menapaktilasi kenangan-kenangan tak terlupakan yang telah terukir setahun belakangan. Seluruh foto di kolase ini disusun secara kronologis - nikmatilah, bernostalgialah, karena semua ini merupakan buah kesuksesan dari perjuangan kita bersama selama setahun belakangan.
Akhir kata, semoga aura kesuksesan menyelimuti acara OHU (dan GST) tahun ini, demi Genshiken ITB yang lebih baik~


Bandung, 23 Mei 2014 - 01:37 AM


English Version

I made that picture above amidst my inability to sleep last night. It's something that I always wanted to do for days, though - well, let's just say I was lucky not to be driven into procrastination last night. They say midnight is the best time for inspiration(s) to come, and yeah - it has been proven very true for me.

Speaking aside, this text is actually something I always wanted to do as well - it's just (for me, at least) dragging my former self to open this site is much, MUCH harder than letting myself toy around with Photoshop. The urge to write this just kept fluctuating frequently...

This text is a pseudo-reflection that tells a lore that me and my friends' crafted through a year in Genshiken ITB - in my personal point of view, needless to say. First and foremost, I'd like to tell that (without any disregard to all of the senior Genshiken ITB members) this text only focuses to the journey of the Genshiken ITB 2013 members (as it's the main point of the picture above)

Err, okay - let's just move on to the main text, shall we?


Sometime around the third quarter of 2013, at the Open House Unit event:

Can't remember the day, I should say. It's possible for me to backtrack when it all was started, yes, but that that's not my main concern.

A stand with a giant live drawing board (and a catchy bear doll, if anyone remembers) stood solid at the very edge of the exhibition area. Someone I didn't know was roaming around the area while cosplaying as Ronald McDonald, perhaps trying to be an eye-catcher. A television was also there, playing numerous fansubs and live performances. Oh, and let's not forget the Danbo too! Ah, the memories back then...

...haha, yes, that's how Genshiken ITB went at last year's OHU. Chaotic, yet fun and catchy. I can sense many people were attracted there due to Genshiken ITB's reference to Japan's modern culture (anime, ani-songs, etc) which was exhibited back then, although frankly speaking that's not why I decided to join this unit back then. As you may know, I'm not really into animes or mangas and I don't really listen to anime-related songs either (these two earlier posts of mine should tell already that my musical preference is basically ambients, drum'n'basses, and any catchy songs which provides non-linear bass drops or atmospheric feeling from around the world no matter what language). I'm not an illustrator, either - my drawing is terrible. What drew me upon joining this unit, then?

wip ...let this one left abandoned between the shades of mystery - I don't think I'll going to finish this writing soon (: