Sunday, March 8, 2015

the crossing pathways

To whom it may concerned,

To say the frankest is that I'd be quaintly surprised had my message went through its intended targets in the near future. Since the pathways available incepted to diverge years ago I opted for the independent way early - leaving less tide to last my impressions to the major pack. Were the remnant visions of me still planted firm on the roots of your remembrance, I wonder?

Well - no need to answer, dear, as my main intent behind this sayings isn't to unveil the recollective question's answer. That's for sure.

Sit back, relax, and have a sweet treat on my tale instead. It all started days ago when - out of boredom - I decided to browse for a specific name from my past on the vast web. Not a a huge boulder to overcome I should say, thanks to the information age's exponential excel. Typing out from the names less vague resulted in the original party's current status inflictions gradually being unraveled. Like a jigsaw puzzle one perfectly allocated piece serves as a hint to another. By the aide of this chaining links - one after another - it turned out that most of us are incredibly widespread now, pursuing expertise and brilliancy at our own momentum.

What shocked me the most, however, is how diverse we've turned out after prolonged years of separation.

Perhaps it's I who had been hindering within the (comfortable) solitude and independence's shadow for too long, but still I can't rebut my astounding findings even to my own mind. Implicitly saying from the samples, a name has successfully beveled the atmosphere with a soothing green presence. Another name supposedly more familiar is currently being stationary in a faraway land, lovingly cherishing her wordsmith capabilities. The remainder samples, I believe, holds a whimsical potent its own. One correlation can be taken, though - as for now we're chasing different grandees within various pathways.

Yet, I'm quite certain the pathways will cross sometime. Yours and mine, it's completely possible.

Zoom out to portray the grand picture and you'll see that no path stands on its own. A path's segment offers a crucial supporting material to another path's structure. No path should stand superior above another, as they're enigmatically lies on the same altitude. This formula of equilibrium had been unchanged ever since, and should be unchanged to the very end.

...and it's now our turn to embrace this sacrosanct rule and furbishing it even more.


As the magnitude of the pathways multiply, at this special moment, kindly allow me to confer a message to yours truly.

If any of you read this before our pathways crossed in a fateful manner soon, be it intentional or unintentional, I'd like to regard a message to you :

Had there be time our masteries intersect in a devoir involving us, let it be laden with a deluge of synchronicity upon positivity.

I look forward to conjure magical stuffs with you all and reuniting with you under our rejuvenated, more-positively developed arcanum persona.

Let the stars merge and lit the universe ablaze with a guiding light.