Friday, January 17, 2014

Indulging Into Wonderful Tunes! - January 2014


I'm still enjoying my holiday for now, nevertheless there's one thing that I always wanted to do in these past few weeks - sharing musics from around the world that I found interesting, through days of hunting here and there~ Some of the artists that I included here may be quite obscure, but finding hidden gems that scattered through the internet is a pleasure by it's own, for sure!

Hope you all enjoy this set, though!

-> Vanguard Sound - Awaken (

Treating a song's main vocals, especially the artificial ones, as 'an instrument by itself somehow' is quite an uncommon technique (in this case, a background synth-like voice) and I rarely saw technique outside the Shoegaze world, personally. Although previously the more popular An through Xhroria ( more or less brought the same atmosphere to a track, I found this track brought more bliss when heard due to its angelic buildup section~

This track was used as a set opener at an event previously, and I thought it would be a perfect true as well on this list.

-> The Queenstons - PROW13 (

As someone who has been famliar with Renard's song for years, I found myself stunned while hearing this newest single-track album from this Canadian electronic maestro. Get ready for an incredible firework while the elegant drum'n'bass + synth combination kicks in on 1:46, and again with even more dramatic harmony on 3:14!

-> Luna Safari - Loving Rain (

Moving to the more ambient side of music here, Luna Safari brings you a melodious chillout, electronic new age-ish music which portrays a romantic atmosphere amidst the rain~ There's a vocal version to this song available as well (, but still, I myself prefer the instrumental rendition as I can hear the song's rich sound samples more clearly - reminds me of onoken's ambient songs from his Blue Orb album, personally (:

-> pla remixed by 8 to 7 - MIGRATORY BIRDS (

This is a song which I've been using to accompany my sleep in the past few days, actually - labeled under the 'Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass' genre, expect a calming, more-downtempo DnB song which will make your mind wander around contemplatively. A beautiful 164 BPM song - albeit some might found it repetitive, the song still gives a transcendental experience more than most (if not all) other Atmospheric DnB/Jungle song. Truly an enlightening experience.

-> Brian Eno - By This River (

Warping back in time to 1977! Oh, Brian Eno, you're such a father for the Ambient genre and all of its derivatives. I know Brian Eno previously from his ambiental masterpiece 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' (‎), but it was this song which captivated me the most - and I regret for not discovering it until recently. As you might have figured, the ambient influence is quite strong on this one - beautiful flowing piano melody combined with deep sad lyrics, definitely a wonderful one~

-> hania - Days Ahead (

I shall finish this list with another wonderful track I found while browsing newgrounds a while ago~ 'Days Ahead' is another sad track primarily consisting of piano and violin melodies, with a handy touch of electronic beats - I personally loved the depressive atmosphere this song builds, but alongside that I also found that this is also a good song to accompany myself while working on stuffs (: I've been determining to re-utilize my blog (as I've stated previously), I might do this again regularly in the future... But for now, yet again I have to say I hope you all enjoy these wonderful songs!

- Nivalyx

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