Friday, February 21, 2014

Indulging Into Wonderful Tunes! - February 2014

Over this past month I've been continuing my search for otherworldly stand-out tunes, and yes - I should say I'm really happy with my findings this month. Without further ado, here you go - magical tunes within the line-up of six, which hopefully can bring you into an another dimension of music!


-> Yogitea – Ecume et vague de l'âme (

I will start on with a song that I thought deserves to be in the limelight the most - although all six tunes here are all extraordinary already, in my humble opinion.

The story behind this song itself is interesting, though. I'm actually already aware of this song for quite some while, but my mind has only been awakened since I watched this video recently - it appears that these three songs share the same sample (Fuushun is neatly arranged though, I almost wanted to put it here). After further research, however, I was stunned with what I find.

I have to admit that my ears feel some offset changes on the opening parts (some string picks and flute blows aren't that synchronous on the opening), however 6/8 delicacy that the song delivers really shines on 04:02, while the mellow piano blends in with the shimmering sea sounds. Oh, and - finally, this is the album where this song belongs to. I don't know much about the composer (Yogitea) or the 'Terra Humana' mentioned, though ._.

And, no, I don't come into this because of Fuushun, by the way :D


-> Strife II - My Year In The Rain (Stripped) (

This song also has an interesting story behind it. It is a liquid drum'n'bass song at first, however the composer itself hasn't released this mind-expanding version until recently. Really - this ambiental (the composer took down most of the percussion sounds from the liquid version in this) masterpiece is mind-expanding. It appears that he is also an prolific ambient composer as well, though - here's a link to his other ambiental work, which contains one of the best quotes I've ever seen personally:

doing fine, thank you, I would say, never knowing how to talk about what I do. If I could talk about it, I would not have to do it. I make art, sometimes I make true art, and sometimes it fills the empty places in my life. Some of them. Not all.

Ah, ambient (and its relatives). It's great to see how you never cease to create miracles. For furher reference, this composer had created Protaras, another great flowing piano tune which he also converted into a liquid drum'n'bass tune previously. And yes - this is is one rare moment when I talk to myself often 'why didn't I found this composer earlier', to be honest.


-> Fanny Fink - Snowdrop (

Wonderful music knows no barriers. Touching lyrics are a plus, but I myself believe that most of the time deep lyrics were just spices - the main ingredient is the composition itself. There are songs that - although I don't know and not really willing to look up what the lyric really means - had touched me through its subtle and heart-melting composition. And by this tune, Fanny Fink - an indie band from South Korea - has proven to me that.

The song itself is a lovely, calm electronic chill music embraced with Myoi (the vocalist's) subtle vocals. What I loved from the song the most, however, is how it really captured a romantic winter atmosphere (although I personally had never experienced a winter throughout my life) - and, most importantly, the quiet-yet-fascinating demisemiquaver percussions and samples which is spread throughout the song. It's just brilliant.


-> Shirfine - Raindrops on Your Face (

...yes, I know, Ecume et vague de l'âme has a playful melody already, but I see no harm in adding another cheerful tune - so, yeah, here you go!

Shirfine herself is another composer which I've known for a while actually - an extremely talented new age artist she is, no doubt from me. But it is the (very) recent sightings on her returning on her SoundCloud which turns my attention to this composer - once more, with a lovely electronic new age tune. Executed well in Shirfine-style, of course.

I experienced a nostalgic sensation while listening to this with Shirfine's earlier work, Every Piece of Love and Misery. Yes, an excellent work that was - however, this tune's magic really happens when the electronic violin sample kicks in around 2:46, which reminded me of the (arguably) best tune on the album - Heroine in a Tragedy. It's just good that I don't feel like Shirfine's redoing something similar on the said song in this tune - it's just like Shirfine's trying to progress with something new, without leaving her very solid root behind.


 -> S2Noise - Calcite (Original Mix) (

Moving to the energetic, uplifting side here! ...well, I don't know much about this composer to be honest (the SoundCloud followers and the Facebook likes count of him isn't that much either), however when I discovered him he made me elicit a smile while streaming his songs - he often remixes/uses sample from popular Western songs (including this one - reward yourself more if you figured out from what song it is, though :D)

I have no idea why the song is named after a mineral (probably due to its Minecraft reference), but the sample comes from a 75 BPM song - and the composer speeds it up a bit, chopped it, and mixed into this tune in a wonderful fashion. Oh, and with the accompaniment of catchy dance beats too.


 -> LunaticSounds - My love would be unchanged forever (

...what a wonderful title to end a wonderful playlist, isn't it? (:

Well, the song is a wonderful one as well. The beginning 25 seconds is very Otokaze-ish, which isn't a bad thing actually - especially after LunaticSounds' trademark violin kicks in on 0:48. What's more, five seconds later, a deep bass pattern comes in and gives that chilling, fascinating mellowness! What else could be better?

The answer comes on 1:57 afterwards, after the bridge - it's when the full percussion comes in a broken beat pattern, and the ticking clock sound sample flows in with grace. I can REALLY feel that this song is made by heart, to express a special feeling - resulting in a very deep song without the need of any lyrics. Oh, well, LunaticSounds him (her?)self has created many touching song in his career (Legend, for example) - but this one is really special and different, trust me.

PS : Yes, I know a stand-out song from Otokaze - I'll post it in another playlist sometime else (next month perhaps?), so wait for it!

...for now, I hope you all enjoyed this set!

- Nivalyx