Friday, January 15, 2016

opuscule to mmvi

Had predicting the future through the faint signs illuminated by the arcanes be an otherworldly gift, then predicting the future through a thorough statistical research and analysis is a form of art bestowed by the divines.

Yet, no matter how magnificent the future-seer being is, a prediction's status remains as is as long the time-window mentioned in the said prognosis hasn't bound to occur. A gargantuan barrier stands very still, and - as we all know - the wall itself is no other than the prolific conundrum of time. Little have been understood about the possible perceptions brought by this invisible ticking entity - we do know though that messing around with its stability could be very much hazardous.

A retrospect to my youths saw my younger self - not being a natural born clairvoyant - toying around with his imagination regarding his future persona. A very natural incandescent thought indeed, as some may ponder. The exact date was 17th of January at the year 2006 when this imaginative child took around an used repository sachet made out of glossy paper nearby, fed in a plethora of seemingly trivial substances, and sealed it back while previously imbuing a text which can be translated roughly as 'old stuffs - may this midden of stuffs serve well in your future purposes ten years from now' atop.

One can see it as a collateral agreement with his future self - a manifestation of sacred kindred hive mind. In a deep contemplation state his thoughts afloat - will the Earth his future self stood upon still be graced by the tranquility of the swaying breeze? Will the celestial beings we know and its fleur-de-lis stalwarts still revolute around in a melodious harmony?

Stated in my preceding response to a belated question bound to me is my sincerest faith towards the 'some things are not meant to be known' proverb - that is, letting the inquest to unravel its own solution at its predesignated time by itself. The fact that right now - at the time of this writing - I'm an avid geophysical undergraduate with a lagniappe passion in scientific journalism and literature is definitely an uncharted area relative to my younger extent, although by reviewing my track records along with several stabs in the dark some aspects were probably have been previously foreshadowed.

This big mystery - a game of certainties and uncertainties - is a beauty of no another, isn't it? Destiny is such a miraculous marvel only the stream of time could maintain.


To my younger embodiment,

As the arrows of the clock shifts forward, the proper time to open the casket approaches closer and closer. In a breathtaking count of few days a pleasant surprise awaits - a subtle, earnest gift from you my dearest. To reply such generous gift with my most heartfelt thanks is never enough - albeit that, do take note, that your positive conferings - be it physical or spiritual - will be of a good use. 

May we both meet again with our magical blessings and a pride of a knight with our future self.

Love always, and always love positively.


 PS : In an accompanying side fact it's quite interesting though to note out that I specially booted up my ever-valiant 2006 Windows XP PC to smith out this very particular passage - the very exact machine used to prowess the said words directed to my future self. As always, thank you very much for your kind contributions over the past, wishing a happy algorithmic ten-years anniversary as well!