Thursday, July 24, 2014


Being able to embrace silence is a lovely godsend bestow.

Universe's ambience has been a loyal company long forgotten, silently morphing into a relic of our journey. Amidst the faint radiance striving from afar lies what has been imminently kept for uncounted millenias in the void.

On the other distant behalf of the universe, though, lies what known to us as 'humans'.

Our divine beings perhaps are too incorporeal for them to unravel, but here's one thing both of us understands - we and humans overlap each other in its practice. An overhanging part is what us are to their perception, and it's such a special honor for us to be treated that way.

Some of them, though, perceives you as a bounding frame instead of an important arpeggio of the universe's sacred sonata. Sorrow and mourn is a common trait which heaps to their web of thoughts upon the calling of your name - a true elocutionary opposite of how I've been welcomed so far.

Peel deep inside the heart of the universe and you'll find our great safeguard. A secret which stands firm along with the creation of the universe - struggling hard to keep the cosmos on its destined path. A masterplan that has been foretold and well-hid by the ancient beings - let's just consider this sophisticated grand scheme as 'entropy'.

See, the universe doesn't work that way. The supernatural enigma you possess soon will entrain people to your side. For humans and all living beings escaping this fate is futile. For every creation there's destruction. For every sweet dream there's nightmare. Even the brightest stars will soon perish into black dwarfs, leading this once-stelliferous universe to its inescapable asphyxial demise.

Fear of your presence is only for the ones who cast me aside in their blackest oblivion at some point and being unfortunate of my aides.

~ your lifelong partner, L