Friday, June 26, 2015

every ailment has its own medication; every faint glow has its own scintillation

Before proceeding further I'd like to inform that the following passage is an excerpt extracted from a joint post-tantrum conversation I made with someone back then, with several edits being made to a respectable extent. I'd like to thank the particular person beforehand for being an extremely supportive individual that have brought an epiphany upon me amidst my lingering frustration - my heartfelt and kindmost thanks, really.


Hi there. Firstly I confer my salutations to you upon your kind listening overture - it's highly appreciated.

You know, within this desperation I really wanted to convert my destructive wills into a deep and serious writing here but I can't manage to stipulate myself into that trance-like state of chanting words yet... I'll try my best to do so, though - reflecting to my past altering words had been proven to be a substantial cure for a developing chaos-in-heart.

I do believe the world is beautiful out there. Wander around within a capricious manner and one could discover soothing scapes and ambience with ease. Atop of that I also believe that the world's grandiose majesty is timelessly being preserved by many as well - with it's one-moiety acted to sequentially attempt to enhance the alluring beauty further, even.

Yet, there are people who went on a blind destructive rampage with his/her negative thoughts and hatreds, causing the entire world he/she stands in to gradually diminish. Now, take a step back, and let the thoughts wonder - wouldn't his/her existence wouldn't even be eventual if not because of the preservers' act in the first place?

It's basically this - on the preservers' point-of-view, it's extremely heartbreaking when someone's negativity overwhelmed and ruined the world in which a plentiful amount of love and effort had been poured into its versatile construct, even when the antagonistic abhorrence was directed to the object in question and not to the subject.

Further speaking - I wonder why there are people out there having its mind being hived with negativity and even more negative energy.

What blinded their eyes upon this world's lovely wonders?

What blinded their eyes so they can only see gloomy shadows instead of soothing lights?

And furthermore, how to unveil the dark mist that lies deep within?

The phrase 'the amount of hatred existed in the world nowadays made me want to do [...] tbh' is actually something that I wanted to express for a long time. I know [...] isn't the right way and even when I typed that back then I'm not even close to considering it, but still...

It's an enormous heartbreak to see such thing you and your trusted friends loved and preserved for a long time being shattered thanks to others' grueling aversive doings.


Look, I don't really know what to reply with at this point, really... In the end I've calmed myself down thanks to the well-received supports from various generous accolades.

Still, to this date I still dreamed to live in a haven where hatred is nonexistent, though...

Pour love into the equation and a tranquil pathway to positive progression will ensue. Set your sights ahead and tighten your inner focus - awaiting now is a soothing light which irradiates a nurturing calm. Had a barrier stood somewhere in-between let the affection overpowering by its own majesty. Be this done right, and happiness won't solely struck upon your gorgeous psyche - others will be gratefully happy as well. 

I guess it's safe to deliver my heartfelt thanks upon you at this point - a thanks for reminding me again how a seemingly-contraptic machinery called heart could be rejuvenated simply by a luminous smile from others garnered through love.

The power of love is amazing, isn't it? 


This writing is unfinished at this moment as I've still got few more things to add at a later date - as I've spent yet another wholesome day being immersed in words, sleep is what being the cardinal thing for me at the time being.

As always, I wished you all the accompaniment of ataraxic sweet dreams in your sleeps.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

the crossing pathways

To whom it may concerned,

To say the frankest is that I'd be quaintly surprised had my message went through its intended targets in the near future. Since the pathways available incepted to diverge years ago I opted for the independent way early - leaving less tide to last my impressions to the major pack. Were the remnant visions of me still planted firm on the roots of your remembrance, I wonder?

Well - no need to answer, dear, as my main intent behind this sayings isn't to unveil the recollective question's answer. That's for sure.

Sit back, relax, and have a sweet treat on my tale instead. It all started days ago when - out of boredom - I decided to browse for a specific name from my past on the vast web. Not a a huge boulder to overcome I should say, thanks to the information age's exponential excel. Typing out from the names less vague resulted in the original party's current status inflictions gradually being unraveled. Like a jigsaw puzzle one perfectly allocated piece serves as a hint to another. By the aide of this chaining links - one after another - it turned out that most of us are incredibly widespread now, pursuing expertise and brilliancy at our own momentum.

What shocked me the most, however, is how diverse we've turned out after prolonged years of separation.

Perhaps it's I who had been hindering within the (comfortable) solitude and independence's shadow for too long, but still I can't rebut my astounding findings even to my own mind. Implicitly saying from the samples, a name has successfully beveled the atmosphere with a soothing green presence. Another name supposedly more familiar is currently being stationary in a faraway land, lovingly cherishing her wordsmith capabilities. The remainder samples, I believe, holds a whimsical potent its own. One correlation can be taken, though - as for now we're chasing different grandees within various pathways.

Yet, I'm quite certain the pathways will cross sometime. Yours and mine, it's completely possible.

Zoom out to portray the grand picture and you'll see that no path stands on its own. A path's segment offers a crucial supporting material to another path's structure. No path should stand superior above another, as they're enigmatically lies on the same altitude. This formula of equilibrium had been unchanged ever since, and should be unchanged to the very end.

...and it's now our turn to embrace this sacrosanct rule and furbishing it even more.


As the magnitude of the pathways multiply, at this special moment, kindly allow me to confer a message to yours truly.

If any of you read this before our pathways crossed in a fateful manner soon, be it intentional or unintentional, I'd like to regard a message to you :

Had there be time our masteries intersect in a devoir involving us, let it be laden with a deluge of synchronicity upon positivity.

I look forward to conjure magical stuffs with you all and reuniting with you under our rejuvenated, more-positively developed arcanum persona.

Let the stars merge and lit the universe ablaze with a guiding light.



Thursday, February 19, 2015

why did I asked that?

heartfelt thanks to Fallist for his generous question


why did I asked that?

Accompanied by the ever-shifting ambience of its surroundings a subtle resonance drifted on the hollow nether. Like a steel attracted to a magnet by a force unseen it demonstrates a superluminal motion ejecting the object from its generating source.

Protecting the content stored within its epiderm from scathe is this entity's sole job. Its first moments in the wilderness were full of cherish, but as it traversed further and further, darkness began to ensue. Never in its life a saying of an easy task being briefed previously to its audial sensories, but never in its life as well it thought that the wilderness would be so deceiving. As it ran out of route markers on the trail it followed sorrow began to struck the entity.

'Help me' it shouted in desperation. 'It doesn't matter if I vanished within an instant - what matters more is what lies inside me. Had my inner shoutings be heard, may it be transformed into a reality'

Within a moment after its desperate prayer, it saw light. Distantly visible is a sanctum alien to it, radiating away a rejuvenating aura of eternity. With its remaining fuel aboard the entity set sail to the light source as fast as it can.

...but it had been to late.

Halfway on its conquest, it fell. Similar to a photon flash along with the lost of its 'mother-ship' the particles within scattered around for a short tide until it all disappeared into the void. It went lost and not found.

What it didn't realize though is that the entity in question is just one among many. A flash after its disappearance, a new carrier agent arise resurged from the core, carrying away a completely different arrays of information.

And it all happened in seconds.


Yes, the above text is a tale of something called 'short-term memory'. Had it not been rehearsed enough, it won't penetrate the barrier of the long-term memory storage vault and will be adrift in nowhere near forever. It's a bliss to unleash and utilize at, yet easily forgettable after it serves its own purpose.

The forgetfulness on your statement is an undisputed example of short-term memory's existence. No, it's not something to be mourned on - having a functional short-term memory is a bliss, really. Despite its curtailed living cycle I believe there are countless moments where short-term memory have done an irreplaceable favor to us. Without the grandiose of our memory-processing complex this text wouldn't even exist. Nor does your opening statement I suppose. At this moment allow me express my gratitude to one of the most easily unnoticed - yet most crucial - thing my mental had ever possessed :

...dear my memories,thank you for serving me your best throughout my life.