Sunday, August 3, 2014


Love : a solemn word en-coated with liquid ironclad lines - an ordainer oracle within a human's heart. Relieving, yet often sacrosanct. Handle it with care, won't you please?


The grandeur of vector art was actually something I'm trying to grasp upon my early teenage era, yet my bezier honings didn't satisfy me much as my Photoshop expertise - a proverbial point which stays true until this very moment. What happened with this experiment, though, omitted a very contradictory result to what my rational thoughts expected previously.

Below picture is my attempt on further furnishing the already pleasure-laden vector result, which - as you might've predicted - resulted in my displeasure. I decided to attach it here anyway as it's actually not so disastrous - some might enjoy the softer, fuzzier pinkish embrace radiated by the image below.

Oh, and doing this is like recollecting memories of a long-forgotten love, to be frank (I'll let people speculate whether there's a special person I'm dedicating this vector to or not here). In the meantime, free to use this sprite of mine elsewhere - credit is not mandatory but paramountly appreciated.

Sweet dreams (:

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