Thursday, February 19, 2015

why did I asked that?

heartfelt thanks to Fallist for his generous question


why did I asked that?

Accompanied by the ever-shifting ambience of its surroundings a subtle resonance drifted on the hollow nether. Like a steel attracted to a magnet by a force unseen it demonstrates a superluminal motion ejecting the object from its generating source.

Protecting the content stored within its epiderm from scathe is this entity's sole job. Its first moments in the wilderness were full of cherish, but as it traversed further and further, darkness began to ensue. Never in its life a saying of an easy task being briefed previously to its audial sensories, but never in its life as well it thought that the wilderness would be so deceiving. As it ran out of route markers on the trail it followed sorrow began to struck the entity.

'Help me' it shouted in desperation. 'It doesn't matter if I vanished within an instant - what matters more is what lies inside me. Had my inner shoutings be heard, may it be transformed into a reality'

Within a moment after its desperate prayer, it saw light. Distantly visible is a sanctum alien to it, radiating away a rejuvenating aura of eternity. With its remaining fuel aboard the entity set sail to the light source as fast as it can.

...but it had been to late.

Halfway on its conquest, it fell. Similar to a photon flash along with the lost of its 'mother-ship' the particles within scattered around for a short tide until it all disappeared into the void. It went lost and not found.

What it didn't realize though is that the entity in question is just one among many. A flash after its disappearance, a new carrier agent arise resurged from the core, carrying away a completely different arrays of information.

And it all happened in seconds.


Yes, the above text is a tale of something called 'short-term memory'. Had it not been rehearsed enough, it won't penetrate the barrier of the long-term memory storage vault and will be adrift in nowhere near forever. It's a bliss to unleash and utilize at, yet easily forgettable after it serves its own purpose.

The forgetfulness on your statement is an undisputed example of short-term memory's existence. No, it's not something to be mourned on - having a functional short-term memory is a bliss, really. Despite its curtailed living cycle I believe there are countless moments where short-term memory have done an irreplaceable favor to us. Without the grandiose of our memory-processing complex this text wouldn't even exist. Nor does your opening statement I suppose. At this moment allow me express my gratitude to one of the most easily unnoticed - yet most crucial - thing my mental had ever possessed :

...dear my memories,thank you for serving me your best throughout my life.