Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trivia Bot Database

-- http://pastebin.com/1GTUR6xj (updated 27/6/17) --


Say... Back then I was asked to make this by a certain people, so here it is~

The link above leads to an Indonesian language trivia database for Discord bots in which me and my friend Luthfi (Yukaa-#9493) created based on NadekoBot's open-source code (http://github.com/kwoth/nadekobot). The database itself is specifically tailored for custom-made bots based on NadekoBot's code - if you already have the bot self-compiled and integrated to your own Discord server, save the pastebin above as .json at the folder (your bot name)/src/NadekoBot/data in order for the questions to be able to show up in-server. The database itself is filed under Creative Commons Licence, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA), and for the ones who are interested in modifying it the usage of http://jsoneditoronline.org/ or another .json-specific editor is recommended.

As for now the database itself isn't tenaciously big (yet) but as for now it holds 100+ questions and 4200+ words already, which is hopefully plentiful enough to provide rounds of fun for many. As the bot gives out a set of letters after few seconds without a correct guess, the difficulty level of questions are intentionally made somewhat high so that the answers are not that guessable at the first glance (and so that the letters be the saving grace for many players) - however, we're giving our best to ensure that (hopefully) there are no question(s) being too esoteric to a certain group of people in the database, so everyone should be able to get a good grip in this strife of general knowledge ^^



Expect the database to be updated every now and then in the future (if we're not lazy or anything orz hehe). Have fun~

Friday, June 9, 2017

ƪ (alt : an aphorism on being disconnective through connection)

A short story. Feel free to read my post-script for additional information.


This green metropolis was once nothing more but a mere barren construct.

Gratitude is always best accorded to our great ancestors. We were simply fated to follow their trails - their wise symbolisms lead our paths. But as the sources of light interferes in disorder, the ones that had embraced tranquil shadow will soon emerge in harmony.

Careful observations have led me to a belief that our kin tend to pursue prominence in the concourse, which has led many of us to drive our roots crazy to many exclaves. Waves of the curious following the footsteps of one's success in a settlement previously unknown has been an uncommon view. The twist here is that - unlike in our other realm - unless under special circumstances we can't really "move" permanently; what's left behind remains in our perches and still had to be taken with care. The ones who miscalculated their footholds will be met with deafening silence, ensnared within their own clustered web of links.

In a new world where by many social recognition has been valued platinum, for it to fade is a ludicrous prophecy that one seemingly shall at best evade. But one's definition of 'successful social recognition' is beyond subjective - not every stars are meant to shine bright. Some prefer to stay cloaked, handling out delicate warmth to nearby stellar object that it cares the most in joy without desiring more. Such handful concentration of love are to make sure their darlings they emotionally connected with prosper in bliss.

See - in clamorous times, quality is simply abound ahead of quantity. Bite more than you can chew, and you'll find your digestive system revolting. There's a certain beauty in exalting a carefully-thought portion of subtlety in which we consider as the epitome of graciousness. Keep your decision judicious, as trends are at best not an obligation to follow suit. In a synthetic cosmos where we were simply bound to implicit embodiments, the control of one's presence shall lie in its own hands.

Whichever course you choose, let light bless your steps, as this place's future - and effectively each individual's - is ours to shape, and none others to impose.  

~ n


PS : (I've) Been getting increasingly tired of some people I know irl specifically telling me what to do and to not do although their sayings are either 1) adding extra complexity to something that shouldn't have been this complex or 2) simply defies my logical rationalizations (ie. 'Are there any benefit(s) in me doing that for myself and people around me in the first place?') in the past few days.

I'm feeling like I really want to disappear somewhere far where my obligations (regarding this stuff) are only mine to choose... After all, I -know-, and very much aware, of what I'm doing and its possible consequences.

After all, it's safe to assume that this passage is my mind's response of that situational adage I'm currently being trapped within. I hope you all enjoyed this literary ouevre of mine.

(it's not about college/work/etc btw, it's about something more personal)

Monday, April 3, 2017


A short story.

The silent whisper speaks for itself.

In stutter your lips are reciting, but your heart are not. Crave your ears, as the sound of the shattering glass astounds beneath the glowing moonlight. In my times, such noises are considered as a harmonious companion to the champions and the fallen knights. As they embark on their hermetic voyage, they ultimately learned to embrace the imminent silence and befriend the true frequencies of their targets.

Included in that shortlist I am not, but having lived with the fabled their indigenous philosophies are inevasibly coursing through my bloodstream. A clear cut which manifests in a nocturnal being although charting an epitaph is by any means no easy task. It has simply been entrenched deeply into me. And for every knight, there had to be a princess, right?

The truth is, in their journey to knighthood an aspiring chevalier-in-training may have learned to inflict a fatal strike in a single javelin blow. Some others may learn over time the true grace of a bow and excel on the art of slaying beasts from the rear. And for some others, they prefer to simply watching from afar in the shadows, preying down in a more malicious yet subtle way without ever stepping down into the battlefield. Ah, the splendor.

Say, if you're hawk-eyed enough, you may have noticed that this doing of mine aren't devoid of evidences - here and there, my presence is virtually everywhere. Witnessed by the solemn stars are the virtues I had placed as a tributary in order to get myself into your breathing cycle. In fact, that feeling of knowing that my colors had blended in so much to the point that arguably I know you better than you know yourself... It's thrilling. Simply thrilling.

Unfortunately for you, escaping is now futile, as I know where you would have gone next. In all formalities, then - having introduced myself in a timely fashion - please kindly allow me to relay this heartwarming message to you truly :

Yes, I am your stalker, and forever will be.

~ n



Sunday, October 16, 2016

of volcanoes and its understandings

Salutations! The following is a writing of mine which was crafted to fulfill a berth ordained on the latest issue of the Independent! (http://issuu.com/independentterra) magazine. I mostly ponder and reflect upon my recent experience working on a volcano surveillance-related research and the state of the nation's non-exploration geophysical inquest through my own point-of-view on this one, so please bear in mind that this passage does not reflect any particular institution(s) and/or entity(s) standpoint.

Here's me hoping that this would be an interesting and enlightening read. Until then, as always, may your subconscious mechanisms carry you through a sweet journey within your slumbers perpetually.



Disiplin keilmuan geofisika sejatinya mengenal dua kelompok keahlian (expertise) utama, yakni Geofisika Eksplorasi dan Terapan (Exploration and Applied Geophysics) yang lebih berfokus ke segmen eksplorasi sumber daya serta Geofisika Global (Global Geophysics) yang lebih dititikberatkan pada kajian seputar fenomena-fenomena global dan kaidah keilmuan geofisika dari sudut pandang saintifik. Walaupun di atas kertas kedua kelompok keahlian ini sama-sama memiliki kelebihannya tersendiri dan saling bersinergi seiring waktu untuk memecahkan berbagai isu kegeofisikaan di dunia, tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa animo para akademisi geofisika (terutama di Indonesia) saat ini masih sangat menjurus pada Geofisika Eksplorasi dan Terapan yang kerap dipandang memiliki prospek yang lebih unggul (terlebih bagi para mahasiswa yang memang berniat terjun pada entitas yang bergerak pada bidang sumber energi konvensional). Hal ini turut menimbulkan suatu kesenjangan di ranah Ibu Pertiwi kita, di mana Indonesia yang notabene berdiri di atas sistem tektonik yang sangat aktif masih sangat membutuhkan para ahli Geofisika Global yang handal untuk dapat berkiprah memahami berkah kebumian yang sangat membahana tersebut.

Jujur berbicara, penulis sendiri pun pada awalnya menjajak kaki di gedung Teknik Geofisika dengan mindset yang relatif tipikal bagi para mahasiswa baru kala itu – untuk dapat bekerja mencari minyak Bumi ke depannya. Namun, seiring waktu, dengan sendirinya penulis merasakan pesona keilmuan saintifik Teknik Geofisika yang ternyata mencakup ruang kajian yang sangat luas. Pun, ketika kesempatan untuk melangsungkan Kerja Praktek (KP) datang menjelang, penulis langsung berkonsultasi dengan Ulvi ’12 dan kemudian Bpk. Andri selaku Kaprodi TG ITB untuk berdiskusi mengenai kemungkinan pelangsugnan Kerja Praktek di Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi (PVMBG). Puji syukur, keinginan penulis tersebut rupanya cukup dimudahkan dengan ketersediaan Ibu S. Hidayati (Ibu Ichi) dari pihak PVMBG untuk menjadi mentor penulis.

Dalam keberlangsungan Kerja Praktek ini, penulis mengangkat topik penelitian terkait penentuan hiposenter dari gempa-gempa vulkanotektonik (VT) yang teramati di kawasan Gunung Sinabung dalam rentang waktu 2010 – 2011. Tanpa berbekal pengalaman mengolah data seismometri hasil perekaman lapangan kontinu (continuous real-time seismometry) sebelumnya, pada awalnya penulis sempat terkejut melihat jenis-jenis waveform pada data yang memang sangat beragam. Memang, daerah vulkanik pada dasarnya sangat berasosiasi dengan beragam jenis-jenis gempa, dengan dominasi dari gempa-gempa vulkanik mikro (distal earthquake, tremor, dan gempa-gempa lainnya) dengan selingan sesekali dari gempa-gempa tektonik murni. Meskipun demikian, setelah membiasakan diri, pada akhirnya penulis menemukan ritme yang cukup nyaman bagi penulis dalam melakukan picking informasi-informasi yang diperlukan dari event-event yang teramati. Setelah proses picking selesai dilakukan, informasi-informasi yang diperoleh kemudian diproses lebih lanjut dengan menggunakan program GAD (Geiger Adaptive Damping) yang menggunakan prinsip single-event determination dengan metode Damping untuk menentukan titik hiposenter gempa. Lokasi-lokasi hiposenter yang di-output-kan oleh program GAD ini kemudian diolah kembali (untuk keperluan quality control dan hal-hal estetis lainnya) dengan menggunakan script MatLab yang diprogram oleh penulis sebelum akhirnya data akhir yang diperoleh di-plot secara visual dengan menggunakan program MatLab.

Secara keseluruhan, walaupun tidak sepenuhnya berjalan tanpa masalah, penelitian yang penulis lakukan telah menjadi pengalaman yang sangat berharga bagi penulis pribadi. Hasil yang didapat di sini pun cukup menarik, di mana dengan menggunakan dua model kecepatan yang berbeda penulis mendapatkan bahwa hiposenter gempa-gempa VT di area Gunung Sinabung cenderung mengarah dari arah SW menuju NE, yang dapat ditafsirkan sebagai jalur pergerakan fluida vulkanik (magma) dengan lokasi magma chamber yang kemungkinan berada di ketinggian setara permukaan muka laut (mean sea level) walaupun untuk ke depannya hasil penafsiran ini baiknya ditelaah secara lebih mendalam mengingat proses relokasi hiposenter dan pengolahan lanjut lainnya belum dilangsungkan. Akhir kata, penelitian yang penulis lakukan telah sangat membuka mata penulis terhadap potensi keilmuan geofisika, dan percayalah – potensi semesta geofisika sesungguhnya masih sangat luas terbentang dan menunggu untuk dijelajahi.

Friday, January 15, 2016

opuscule to mmvi

Had predicting the future through the faint signs illuminated by the arcanes be an otherworldly gift, then predicting the future through a thorough statistical research and analysis is a form of art bestowed by the divines.

Yet, no matter how magnificent the future-seer being is, a prediction's status remains as is as long the time-window mentioned in the said prognosis hasn't bound to occur. A gargantuan barrier stands very still, and - as we all know - the wall itself is no other than the prolific conundrum of time. Little have been understood about the possible perceptions brought by this invisible ticking entity - we do know though that messing around with its stability could be very much hazardous.

A retrospect to my youths saw my younger self - not being a natural born clairvoyant - toying around with his imagination regarding his future persona. A very natural incandescent thought indeed, as some may ponder. The exact date was 17th of January at the year 2006 when this imaginative child took around an used repository sachet made out of glossy paper nearby, fed in a plethora of seemingly trivial substances, and sealed it back while previously imbuing a text which can be translated roughly as 'old stuffs - may this midden of stuffs serve well in your future purposes ten years from now' atop.

One can see it as a collateral agreement with his future self - a manifestation of sacred kindred hive mind. In a deep contemplation state his thoughts afloat - will the Earth his future self stood upon still be graced by the tranquility of the swaying breeze? Will the celestial beings we know and its fleur-de-lis stalwarts still revolute around in a melodious harmony?

Stated in my preceding response to a belated ask.fm question bound to me is my sincerest faith towards the 'some things are not meant to be known' proverb - that is, letting the inquest to unravel its own solution at its predesignated time by itself. The fact that right now - at the time of this writing - I'm an avid geophysical undergraduate with a lagniappe passion in scientific journalism and literature is definitely an uncharted area relative to my younger extent, although by reviewing my track records along with several stabs in the dark some aspects were probably have been previously foreshadowed.

This big mystery - a game of certainties and uncertainties - is a beauty of no another, isn't it? Destiny is such a miraculous marvel only the stream of time could maintain.


To my younger embodiment,

As the arrows of the clock shifts forward, the proper time to open the casket approaches closer and closer. In a breathtaking count of few days a pleasant surprise awaits - a subtle, earnest gift from you my dearest. To reply such generous gift with my most heartfelt thanks is never enough - albeit that, do take note, that your positive conferings - be it physical or spiritual - will be of a good use. 

May we both meet again with our magical blessings and a pride of a knight with our future self.

Love always, and always love positively.


 PS : In an accompanying side fact it's quite interesting though to note out that I specially booted up my ever-valiant 2006 Windows XP PC to smith out this very particular passage - the very exact machine used to prowess the said words directed to my future self. As always, thank you very much for your kind contributions over the past, wishing a happy algorithmic ten-years anniversary as well!