Tuesday, January 21, 2014

i was bored

'i was bored'

...so I heard
you liked diamond?

on a neverland
lies a diamond.

 lonely and exiled,
it searches for a freehand
wandering all around.

then comes another diamond;
they two bonded,
altogether be solid.

'o, diamonds!' spoke the hybrid.
'come forth, carbon of sacred!'
'arise and united, we should!'

thus, the call broke the ground--
even went through underworld!

in sudden diamonds march around,
surrounding the primordial diamond.
...and, o! they be united!

a gigant structure, diamond-based
had finally shone and stood
remarkably under the cloud.

however, one last time - the diamond asked;
'...so I heard you liked diamond?'
'you do? too bad-'
'we are inhabitants of neverland;'
'to be exist, we're not destined.'

- Nivalyx


The poet above is a slightly altered version of a poet I made around back then on my college when I was bored, really (:

You can see the original writing here!

Decided to post it here after lying around on my PC for some time, hope you liked it~

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