Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the wingspan of a butterfly

Since my allocated time on smithing stuffs has been severely cut for these past few days thanks to my real-life hecticness, at this oblique leisure time of mine I'd like to unshed some things about me in the near future as I see little to no harm in doing so :

  • I've been entrusted as an in-house writer on Heavenly Stardust - a blog managed by my fellow writer under the pseudonym 'requiem' which encompasses a wide range of reviews and contemplative musings. Expect me to submit my first content there sometime soon though, as several real-life stuffs were still clinging firmly on the pinnacle of my priority list as of now.
  • ask.fm is one site which I primordially being skeptical about it being beneficial, which turning out slowly into a powerful site to fulfill my long-deserted writing passion days later. Here's mine, in case you have something that boggles your mind regarding me - it's always a pleasure for me to give a pleasant answer, had the question(s) given lies within a positive marvel. As for now my 'Questions' time is laden with philosophical questions thrown by anonymous asker(s), though - a fast reply is something I can't guarantee for the time being.
  • There's a high chance that I'll drop a ten-minutes long surprise to everyone's unwariness on this weekend's Open House Unit event, as I'm going to live-perform something using an unorthodox instrument called l... Ah, never mind - had I spoil out even a slightest hint here it the reprise will no longer yield a shocking factor, no?
  • And finally, for the past three days I've been actively contributing to an ever-glowing squad of enchanting butterflies - Actias Arkamaya. Follow our trailing light of wonders and one shall be ensued with positive mirth.

Another worth-noting point that I'd like to deploy here is I'm currently suffering from a (severe) social exhaustion. The fact that introverts got their energy drained by continuous social interaction(s) is a widespread, however - although it may not observable at the surface at first - my introversion level went as high as ~95%.

Sweet dreams (:


a beacon of million ansi-lumens
being fluorescent atop of the butterfly's charming flow

glimpse your heart at the dazzling skies
and we shall aglow


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