Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A short story with a dark setting. Reader's discretion is advised.



why is death so appealing?

a convoluted world. gazing apart with a sinister aura. within the silver halls souls are streamlining apart, fighting fire with fire, not realizing they're driving the so-called "insanity" more and more beyond its limit. when selfish desire owns the heart, the light fades away. it's ever so easy to focus on the problem, yet it's seemingly so hard to focus on the solution - a solution that benefits all the most, that is.

why? why does it always have to be us? why was I born into this "us" being in the first place? taking the moment away an entity was born all pure, yet the shambolic hierarchy of the swirling storm forcefully taught it to part away from the sacred blessing. a magnificent, once fearless, now trapped inside an illusory cage that was created by a mutual worldly ardor it wasn't deserve to belong.

many have pondered, and they who see through the glass will soon enough realize that divination only reveals itself to selected existences who vie passionately for the warm star. as the mist sways the spirits away, the star will soon reveal to the dedicated that the penultimate purpose for every sanity is to give, not to take. unfortunately for many, they prefer not to embark upon the uncharted skies, and having been overshadowed the scream of the disharmonious symphony they resort to the option that is ever so promising :


the lost. the desperate. the ones that feel that his or her living no longer serves tangible purpose. the ones that were already tired of the injustice and hypocrisy that drove their simple happiness away. for them, indeed death is a tempting company.

in retrospect, i think death's charm lies in what it has to offer
a chance to escape it all and experience the life after.
where one's identity were torn apart;
where what he do, not who he is, matters most;
and where the true wisdom lies alongside its faithful companion:
a mere, eternal, and ever peaceful


*image derived upon the artwork available on this site.

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