Saturday, September 16, 2017

magna ostium

(My) inner thoughts and speeches have been always such curious beings. Often they wandered by theirselves to ethereal places whose limits and boundaries are imagination's end. Often it came back to their hub with a seed that acts as a catalytic fractal to the fruition for the mastermind - more often they came back empty handed. As questions were raised with dignified regards deep inside, one should nobly realize that their own reflections are the key to summon the whimsical wisdom as it is - and has always been - a perpetual cycle that one cannot help but to embrace and empower in order to soar the guiding light.

Below are some of my inner musings I first materialized in my personal LINE account amongst other private medias. Many of the writings have its own context, and some others have not - but for personal reasons I'm refraining myself from explaining further as I prefer to keep the true meaning hidden to people other than the intended recipient.

Have a great day.

~ n


"A tree to a forest is a tower to a city. What is perceived as reality is never absolute as a whole, just as a starry night equals a sunny day to the residents in its counterpart.

To master the universe's grand scheme of things is to understand that everything evolves alongside how one's perception is evolving, with time being just one of the universe's many enigmatic facets."


Night's paramountly stelliform. Been in an exhaustion of overdealing with word processors somehow, but here's a cup of bliss I'd like to confer to all - a pinch of governing light which sways soothe amidst the zephyr, a sneak peek of what's shortly coming up from the sleeve of buoyant imagineers.

With love, may we inspire.


Seek, for the secrets are hidden beneath--
In your blinks, in your thoughts, in your speeches.

Stay true to the frequencies of the universe,
as what you see at first might just not what you meant to see


For once,
atop firm branches I stood,
gazing upon the vast blue stars.

For now,
within the nobility I brood,
afar witnessing the faint glace of happiness.

PS : quite a good amount of things in this world were meant to be taken literally.


 here, there, and everywhere;
in a living being is a trace to bear.

a prowess to adhere, on a shadow to spare;
such knowledge of it is too tempting not to share.

take caution of the eyes you may not see lurking.


Have you ever felt lost just by looking at your own shadow?
What's haunting deep inside your mind might just be more menacing than you'd expect.


 Loyalty stands where the hearts are interconnected.
A queen is a servant to her king, as a king is a servant to his queen.
One should pierce through the light and see the magic alongside the devoted.

Will you be my queen?

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